Questions, suggestions, comments, etc. go here! Please try to check the FAQ first. I’m not taking gif requests right now, sorry! Also, I apologize in advance if I forget to answer you or if it takes me a super long time to get back to you.



Frequently Asked Questions:

I love your blog! (etc.)

Thank you, I don't answer all of the messages I get that say this, but I do read everything and I appreciate it. :) This blog would be nothing without all of its wonderful followers!

What movie is this gif from?

Every gif is tagged with the name of the movie, so just look at the tags if you don't know what movie it's from.

Stop answering so many questions! I just want to see gifs!

If you don't want to see posts where I respond to people, you can Tumblr Savior the phrase "gg replies".

What's your favorite Studio Ghibli film?

Princess Mononoke! (Here are some reasons why) Only Yesterday is a huge favorite too.

What movie is your icon/avatar from?

My icon is of two kodama from Princess Mononoke.

What theme do you have/Where can I find it?

My theme is called Minimaliste and was created by this person. They have since retired the theme and the base code isn't available anymore, but if you would like my copy of the code, send me a non-anonymous ask and I'll send you a link!

Can you make a gif of ____________ for me?

Sorry! I'm not taking requests at the moment.

Sure! (I only take requests for Ghibli movies though) Just put your request in my ask box. Try to be specific when describing the scene that you want. And I apologize if it takes a while for me to post your gif...just be patient!

Do you have any gifs of *insert specific scene/character here*?

Please check the index before you ask if I have any gifs of specific characters or scenes. I didn't make that index for myself; I made it so that my followers could find gifs easily!

Where can I watch Studio Ghibli movies online?

If you have the means, please try to support Studio Ghibli by viewing their films legally. Buy their DVDs and Blu-rays! See their movies in theaters! But if you can't:

Try Just search for whatever movie you want to watch, and a bunch of links will come up. If you are looking for a download, then just search Google and I'm sure you'll be able to find something. For torrents, try The Pirate Bay or BakaBT.

Some helpful people sent me the links to some of the movies online: Laputa: Castle in the Sky and Howl's Moving Castle.

How do you make a gif?

This is one method, which requires VLC Media Player and Photoshop Imageready or CS5 (or older).

This is the method that I more or less use, which involves taking screencaps with KMPlayer and importing them into Photoshop.

If you don't have Imageready or Photoshop, you can try this method, which was submitted by a kind and friendly person.

Do you have a list of all of Studio Ghibli's films?

Take a look at Wikipedia's page for Studio Ghibli. It has a list of all of their works, and it also has a list of related works (such as Lupin III and Panda! Go, Panda!).