Reply with a photo if you did!

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    I wish I could have!
  2. macaghost replied:
  3. peeshpudding answered: Sadly, no T______________T
  4. uaykan answered: No. Kinda wish I knew where my Mononoke-Hime Mask went.
  5. oh-christine replied:
  6. saiu-hororo answered: i wanted to
  7. chinpoman answered: does my ponyo tattoo count as “costume?” then yes
  8. 11s-clever-girl answered: I wanted to be Kiki
  9. cerebrumhabeo answered: Dang, I don’t have any photos from that night, but I was Sophie and my fiancé was Howl!
  10. hajikelist answered:…
  11. kylefewell answered: Ashitaka and my girlfriend was San from Princess Mononoke
  12. minholivia replied:
  13. permapout answered: yes! fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaih…
  14. readyaamesfire answered: I was princess mononoke! :D
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    Screwed up with the photo reply. Durrrr. But I sewed a Kiki costume:
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  17. jak-o-lope answered: I was Kiki! :D… sewed the dress and the bow in an afternoon,
  18. rawr-cookiemonster answered: i dressed up like qianxun in spirited away.
  19. missbook answered: I wish. Arietty was one of my options, but I did a group costume with friends instead.
  20. bloodsbane answered: No, but No Face would make a GREAT costume x3
  21. lackingadequacy answered: haha so many kikis, awesome!
  22. lackingadequacy replied:
  23. rinimae replied:
  24. shadowey answered: YES. I went as Kiki :)
  25. sicillenneandrigadon answered: TOTORO
  26. littlestbirdgirl answered: I don’t have a good photo but I went as San from Princess Mononoke!
  27. jelloworld answered: nope, but will do for a Royal party: Princess Mononoke
  28. jeweledqueen answered: I didn’t, but I saw a real-life No Face drifting down the street! It looked exactly out of Spirited Away.
  29. alittlemindhere answered: My friend and I dressed up as Haku and Sen
  30. kureome answered: i was kiki!
  31. maxtown answered: not quite
  32. maxtown replied:
  33. shiny-glaceon answered: i dressed as howl for MCM expo in london, on the 29th :)
  34. snapchatghost answered: Kiki! :D
  35. prettypastelcastle answered: no, I dont dress up :/
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